LISC was formed in 1999 by Daniel Silberman and William Fedele.  It all started when they saw a void in the Long Island market for well merchandised prize vending crane machines.

They started out with only 4 crane machines purchased for 4 Diners in Long Island, NY.  Currently, LISC operates numerous single machine locations all over NY and NJ as well as full size arcades with over 50 machines in the same location.  Most importantly, we are still in those first 4 locations.  Maybe not with the same machines, but never the less our customers love having us there.

LISC has grown each and every month they have been in business in all types of retail markets such as Major Shopping Malls, Taverns/Bars, Restaurants, Bowling Centers, Seasonal Outdoor Entertainment Facilities, Indoor Entertainment Facilities, Arcades, Carnivals, Amusement Parks, Indoor Sports Facilities and Super Markets.

Within the last 7 years we have been growing our bar and tavern business tremendously in the NY and NJ regions.  We offer these locations top quality equipment that they seem to strive for.  Unfortunately, the competing vendors in our region are not supplying the current machines such as ATM's, Downloading or Internet Juke Boxes, Electronic Pool Tables, Shuffleboards, TV Advertising, Merchandising Machines, Boxer Machines, CCTV Solutions, Custom Audio/Video Solutions For Their Locations, and much more.

The #1 reason our company is chosen over our competitors is due to our commitment to serve you as our partner.  By choosing LISC as your "sole" other income source, we assure you that you will have made the smartest decision for your company and for your customers.

Service is what we are known for.  Since 1999, our employees have been paid "SOLELY" on commission.  What that means to you, is that they will not earn a living if our machines are not serviced properly.  So, our objective is simple.  It is our job to maximize the revenue in the space that you provide for us.  We assure you that you will come to desire that bi-weekly payment we provide for you regularly. 
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